Post-punk/alt-rock band Haneke Twins will unveil their driving, haunting, and lyrically pointed new album on July 31st.

Haneke Twins cultivate an air of compelling mystery, as a band and with their post-punk/alternative rock music.  The outfit is comprised of S. Leontsinis and P. Vichoudis, both originally from Greece, but who now reside in Switzerland.

Leontsinis and Vichoudis are longtime best buds, as well as CERN scientists and bandmates. They formed Haneke Twins and released their debut EP in 2018.

Heady new album Astronaut launches on July 31st. The LP’s lyrics tackle the social and political aspects of modern life, with lead single “Location Unassigned” dealing with personal freedom and privacy.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the noir and restlessly propulsive “Stuck in a Loop.” The track is aptly named as it flies by in a perpetual cycle of pushing guitar lines, jittery rhythms, and cool-tone vocals.

Haneke Twins have been compared to Bauhaus, Joy Division, and Interpol, and these influences run through “Stuck in a Loop,” but also give way to the band’s own mordant outlook and intense sound that blazes at times with wiry guitars fire and drills in with a grinding bass line and relentless drum beat.

The lyrics are especially relevant, with lines like, “Dirty politicians / They stink” hitting their target bluntly, but effectively.

Astronaut was recorded at Dudu Loft studio in Athens, Greece in the fall of 2019 and it was mixed, mastered, and produced by Costas Verigas (from Greek post-rock band Afformance).

The songs are also fleshed out by the contributions of I. Koukovinis, A. Kyritsis and M. Schenk, three fellow scientists and musicians who joined Haneke Twins for their live shows last year.

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