Noise rock/garage punk band Busey share a restlessly pummeling track from their upcoming split EP with Holler House.

Minneapolis-located noise rock/garage punk outfit Busy are set to release a split EP soon via Jetsam-Flotsam, sharing the raucous record with another noise-oriented band named Holler House.

The upcoming split features two tracks by Busey and three numbers from Holler House. While the two acts share a passion for putting out loud and rowdy music, Busey homes in on a relentlessly punishing sound pockmarked with bits of melody, especially on the garage punk single “Yellow Tale.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of this restlessly pummeling track which attacks with grinding ferocity at the start. It only slightly mellows out into grimy sway of guitar jags, a low-slung bass line, and shouted out vocals, before continuing the drum assault and added fiery guitar riffs.

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The members of Busey (Dan Berndt (vocals, guitar), Marcus Jones (drums), and Jesse Burndt (bass)) revealed some details about the split EP, the meaning behind “Yellow Tale,” and what they’re focusing on during the pandemic.

Heya guys! So how did this split EP come about? Did Jetsam-Flotsam approach you, or did you or Holler House come up with the idea?

Holler House approached us with the idea about a year ago after a gig in Marshfield, WI. We’re all fans of Holler House so it was a no-brainer for us. We celebrated over some pancakes at Nutz Deep 2, our go-to restaurant in Marshfield.

Are the songs on the split available elsewhere or were they exclusively recorded for this EP?

They are exclusive to this split.

How are you holding up during this viral pandemic? What are you doing, or planning to do, instead of live shows?

All of us are holding up well. Luckily all of us have still been able to work. Marcus is an ICU nurse in Red Wing, MN and fortunately hasn’t seen too much COVID action. Dan and his partner just had a baby, so they’ve had their plates full. Actually, kind of a silver lining is we were planning on taking a break from shows for a bit at this point anyway while they adjust to being new parents. We’ll probably focus mostly on writing for the time being. Maybe get together for a live stream once it’s safe to do so.

Please give some details about "Yellow Tale.”

“Yellow Tale” is about workers’ rights, but from the point of view of the shitty boss. It’s an “I’m in charge / You listen to me / Here’s your scraps / and you should feel lucky it’s on a clean plate” vibe. Started out as a riff recorded on Dan’s phone and kind of wrote itself once we all got together. 

For the intro we had an idea of doing a James Brown/Elvis sort of thing and it felt right for this song. Something big and bombastic, but raunchy as hell. Something that when we play it, it’d be appropriate to wear big pinky rings and capes. It’s a lot of fun, especially live we can play around with the format and dynamics.

We recorded and mixed the songs ourselves in our practice space [Berndtout Studio]. Recorded basic tracks live together. Only vocals and a second guitar were recorded after the fact.

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