Orange County’s original beach punks, T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty), will release their aptly named 30th Anniversary album, “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Free Downloads” as a free download

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With fans that span three decades, T.S.O.L. has become a fixture on the Southern California music scene. In partnership with the band, Hurley is helping to produce the record and giving-away the album for free as a gift to the fans of punk rock and T.S.O.L.

T.S.O.L., including original guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roche, keyboardist Greg Kuehn, vocalist Jack Grisham, and Tiny Bubs, are using the project as a call-to-action in order to gain the support for several charities they are involved with including the Midnight Mission, Surfrider, Orangewood Foundation, SPCA and the Orange County Food Bank.

"I was really happy with the way our recording experience worked out with Hurley; one, it was like a bit of a family situation over there [Hurley Studio's], so a lot of friends were constantly dropping in and out," said Grisham. "It's great to get that immediate approval or disapproval from the people that know you best. And, two, being in Orange County, half a mile from the beach, is home to us and there's nothing better than smelling the Santa Ana River at low tide when you're trying to get a vibe!"

In just one week, the band recorded their 16th album with Grammy-award winning producer, David Bianco. Through-out the recording process, December 17th to December 24th, 2008, visitors to were able to access live streaming video of the band while at the Hurley Studio via the URL

As the album becomes available as a free download at, the band is preparing to hit the road with a U.S. tour planned for January and February 2009.