Boston-based punk rock band Art Thieves tear down the government on a high-energy performance video.

Boston-based high-energy, lyrically sharp punk rock ‘n’ roll band Art Thieves get relevantly topical on new album Russian Rats (the title says it all, really!), which comes out today via State Line Records.

The U.S government, starting with the current belligerent, incoherent, and dangerous occupation of the White House, money-driven industrial and business corporations, and the bad apples in law enforcement are all targeted for their ties and lies, corruption and secrecy, and oppression of the American public.

Rebel Noise is excited to premiere the video for “DIY USA”, an anthemic and lyrically pointed track from the album.  The video was created by Scrupulous Productions and features the band performing the song with much enthusiasm and passion. Searing guitar lines, hard-punched drums, and defiantly shouted out lyrics of, “Every time they win / we lose.” course through the tune like lifeblood pumped from the heart of the downtrodden and the discriminated.

Midway into “DIY USA”, Art Thieves offers up an ingenious (but, of course, complicated in reality) solution – That we should govern ourselves. Against a fun pogo-ing pace and lyrics like, “We don’t need the government…” and “Representation is outdated…” shining examples of the public good are shown through vintage footage of equal rights and integration marches.

About the timely and lyrically provocative album Russian Rats, the PR info details, “It’s scary not knowing how this ride is gonna end.  Maybe, 15 - 20 years from now we’ll look back on it, and recognize it as the moment America made a decision to collectively say "fuck you" to the patriarchy; to the 1%; to the religious right.  Or maybe we’re going to all be wondering how the Handmaid’s Tale predicted the future.   This moment feels important, and important moments should have a soundtrack.  A good one, though.  One that sounds like some good punk shit that couldn’t quite crack the mainstream in the ‘80s.” Russian Rats is that album.

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