Acclaimed folk-punk outfit Tejon Street Corner Thieves give a children’s classic track a comical NSFW spin.

Hailing from the Rocky Mountain in Colorado, trailblazing trashgrass/outlaw blues band Tejon Street Corner Thieves have a new music video up their collective sleeve.

The acclaimed outfit from Colorado Springs bring a refreshingly unvarnished, yet tuneful view to bluegrass and folk music, upending the traditional genres with fleet speed, blazing energy, and uproarious punk rock spirit.

This past May the band released their album Stolen Goods via Liars Club. The tracks on the LP are updated renditions of classic bluegrass, folk, and Americana songs.

One of the numbers on the record is “Down by the Bay,” which originally was a children’s song by Raffi that was released in 1976.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves give the sweet tune a spicy and funny update, with certain interjected lyrics that are NSFW (unless, of course, you work at home with no one else in earshot).

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the performance music video of “Down by the Bay,” with the band members adding new lyrics seemingly on the spur of the moment, leading to bursts of laughter and/or good-natured groans.

Looks like a lot of wild, adults-only stuff happens down by the bay, whether it’s human-oriented or other animals like toads, moose, or, uh, giraffes or lions…

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