Midwest Two Tone-inspired ska band Heavy Manners offers jumpin’ remix of a classic track.

Chicago-located veteran ska band Heavy Manners started out in the 1980s, and pioneered their Two Tone-inspired ska style throughout the Midwest.

During the ‘80s and beyond, Heavy Manners played at all sorts of venues, from early punk, reggae, and New Wave clubs to supporting big names including The Clash, The Ramones, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and Grace Jones.

Peter Tosh actually produced various tracks for Heavy Manners, for a 7”, 12”, and CD.

Heavy Manners have continued to perform occasionally over the past decade, and the outfit is now featured in two ska-focused books.

In Defense of Ska by Aaron Carnes (https://www.amazon.com/Defense-Ska-Aaron-Carnes/dp/1944866787 and https://www.clashbooks.com/new-products-2/aaron-carnes-in-defense-of-ska) was released last month.

Skaboom! An American Ska & Reggae Oral History by Marc Wasserman will be released on July 27th (http://www.diwulf.com/books/ska-boom-an-american-ska-amp-reggae-oral-history-by-marc-wasserman).


To celebrate their inclusion in these music books, the current lineup of vocalist Kate Fagan, vocalist/sax/keyboard player Frankie Hill, drummer Shel Lustig, guitarist Mitch Kohlhagen, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kevin Smith, and bassist Joe Thomas (replacing original bass player Jimi Robinson, who passed away in 2018) are releasing a “Fresh Mix” of their 1982 single “Flamin’ First” on July 9th.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the special remix today before its official release.

The track was remastered in New Orleans at Nola Recording Studios by Michael Harvey.

“Flamin' First (2021 Fresh Mix)” is a bright and upbeat number that pushes a choppy, pogo-bouncing pace replete with wiry guitar angles, rubbery bass line, joyful blasts of horns, a jumpin’ drum beat, and sprightly, enthusiastic vocals.




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