Hardcore music veterans Silence Equals Death drop another intense and relevant track and lyric video from their upcoming album.

New Jersey-based long-running hardcore music outfit Silence Equals Death have been raising their collective voice against the atrocities that humans have inflicted upon each other and upon our planet.

Unable to stay silent in the face of social injustice and human/animal rights violations/suppression, the band members are unleashing their latest potent single, “Killing Floor,” and its accompanying lyric video.

The track comes from their next album, I’ll See You On The Other Side, which arrives digitally and on CD September 10th via Upstate Records.

The LP will feature a slew of new tunes and a remixed and remastered version of their 2020 anthem “Revolution Rising.”

Silence Equals Death deploy metallic hardcore sonics and hard-charging energy, and dig into tough socio-political subjects, but they aren’t afraid to keep compositions melodic and varied, with numbers ranging from crossover metal to punk rock.

I’ll See You On The Other Side can be pre-ordered at: https://www.upstaterecordsny.com/silence-equals-death

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the relentless “Killing Floor” and its relevant lyric video today.

The menacing track lurches with fiery and jagged guitar riffs on the verses, then bursts out with careening speed-metal force on the chorus sections.

The deep-end bass line follows suit, adding weight to the guitar burn, while the propulsive drum strikes and restless cymbals crash keeps the song as agitated as the unsettling lyrics.

Vocalist Scott Earth’s frustrated exclamations shoot through the music with ferocious determination as he rails against corrupt and broken systems that have been built on the backs of the powerless.

Earth explains the different themes of “Killing Floor,” revealing, “A dual meaning [can be found], looking at the world of exploitation of animals in slaughterhouses and humans working in dire conditions of sweatshops. The world cherishes convenience over compassion in many instances and none are more glaring than these two.”

“As a vegetarian for 22 years and an avid human and animal rights advocate I feel more people need to stand up to this type of injustice instead of following the status quo of complacency.”



“Killing Floor” lyrics:

From where I’m standing the truth is hidden in plain sight
It’s become a part of me
Age of pain the walls have started crumbling
Insincerity denying those without a voice
You’re just a coward who’s deciding how we make a choice
This fucking industry is built on slavery
This fucking industry is built on slavery
This fucking industry is built on slavery
This fucking industry is built on slavery
Change your fucking mind let the rest be complacent
Open eyes are the death of pain
Screaming loud be voices for voiceless
Coming down without restraint
Speaking out has become such a fucking bore
Actions change from ways they see nothing more
Than wasted worthless lives 
But with exception
Tear the system down with no discretion
Be the voice for the voiceless innocent fighting back tear the system down
We’re watching and waiting no longer advocating
It’s time to make a change 
No longer backing down
You can’t avoid it because your products death
You will accept the blame or you’ll lie with the rest
Your fucking industry your fucking industry 
Your fucking industry your fucking industry
Slavery Slavery Slavery






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