The music project helmed by Sébastien Laloue have a new album arriving soon.

Brainsqueezed is the alternative/progressive rock project of Sébastien Laloue. Originally from France, Laloue moved to Australia last year and this big change informed the creation of his rich and vivid musical compositions.

Recording under the name Brainsqueezed, Laloue will be releasing his upcoming second album I Am Not a Robot on August 27th.

Laloue recently revealed a trippy new music video for the emotive track “My Fears in the Night.”

Channeling the passion and complexity of Queen/Freddie Mercury, Laloue blends vivid classic rock with the bombast of operatic rock and the journey of progressive rock on this single.

It’s a bold preview of what’s to come on I Am Not a Robot.

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