Midwestern producer and musician Coolzey drops an alternative rock grinder via a lyrics video.

Premiering today at Rebel Noise is the official lyric video for alternative rock grinder “Qualify The End” by Midwestern musical journeyman, Coolzey.  The lyrics-centric track is taken from the newly released full-length Coolzey and The God Damned Friend Killers (Public School Records), which sees the emcee/producer/musician draw influences from nerd-rap, jittery alt-rock, and D.C. hardcore punk while remaining fully cohesive.

Using an assemblage of musician friends throughout, some collaborators on the album include Iowa Punks, Lipstick Homicide, emcee/songwriter Ceschi Ramos, and queer rap warrior Kamil Kardashian.  

Coolzey is currently on an extensive tour including dates with synth-punk/hip-hop duo Snailmate and legendary folk punk treasure Joe Jack Talcum (of the Dead Milkmen). Check out the latest tour dates at Coolzey’s Facebook page.

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