Inner Surge was formed in 2001 by Steve Moore, who wrote and recorded the debut album "Solus Verum". The band has an explosive live show and blends punk, rock, metal, electronic and eastern influences. With an eclectic, intense approach, the band explores politics and deep seeded emotions in it's music. Inner Surge has played many shows including the "Rock against Racism 2002" concert in Calgary, as well as organized it's own benefit concerts for charities such as Operation Eyesight Universal and the Evan Shaw Foundation. Inner Surge is promoted by Platform 12, a company which also promotes artists such as My Arm is an Ocean and Huckster Rayzor. Inner Surge's intense and honest sound has given the band a fast-growing following, and with plans for a new album on the horizon, the word is sure to spread.


Steve, Vince, Rob


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Refused, Tool, At the Drive In, Dead can Dance, Metallica, Rage against the Machine


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