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With previous members of East L.A.'s Media Blitz, Kkleq Muzzil, Thee Undertakers, The Brat, & The Thrusters a band named La Bestia was formed. Not only does La Bestia carry the old school punk rawk roots that its members bring to this band, but they have also included some bluesy, psychosilly elements with a hint of wacked out Motorhead meets Revenge of the Nerds elements.

Vocalist Beast, previously from Media Blitz, has been described by onlookers as a combination of Alice from The Bags, Wendy O'Williams from The Plasmatics, Peter Brady on speed, & a Mexican Judy Tunuta who cruises down Whittier Blvd with loud and explosive punk rawk & roll tumultuous overdrive. Her exceeded unlimited attitude dishes out the lyrical portion with authority and tenacity and has shared bills with the likes of Naked Aggression, D.R.I., Dr. Know, Total Chaos, GreenJello & among others.

Furious George, drummer, has also teamed up with La Bestia to bring some of that intense tone that goes beyond any number of fearless early Boston & New York hardcore groups; previously from Media Blitz, Kkleq Muzzil, Thee Undertakers & The Thrusters (just to name a few), Furious George has brought that piercing drumming to La Bestia. He has toured the states and was last seen playing a show at the Warped Tour.

El Grifo, bass player, previously from an East L.A. band entitled Figure Head & previous to that, one of the original guitar players from The Thrusters, will leave anyone with mouths wide open. His dominant performance transcends an assaultive & angry passion to let all feel how he manipulates the stage with no holds bar.

La Bestia lashes it out live with dead serious intensity with its wacky four piece band members that bring that smutty & funny, yet crude magnitude of delirious & razor tight old school punk sound with added elements enough to raise eyebrows and scream "Fuuuuccckk".


Vocals: Bestia Guitar: El Grifo Drums: Furious George Bass: Currently Looking For One


East Los Angeles, California, USA

Years Active



Old School Punk Rock, acid Jazz, Black Flag, Cramps, Plasmatics, X, Stooges, Minutemen, Meteors, Motorhead, X, Bad Brains, Blasters, Dead Boys, Circle Jerks, Vice Squad, Cadillac Tramps, Buzzcocks, AND BIG ASS TOUCH OF PSYCHOBILLY SILLY LICKS.....


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