Jumping down Trampoline

Eyes Shining Vaseline

Hips Swish and Hypnotize

Fingers Bruise Tattooed Thighs

That’s how the enigmatic lead singer Panacea Solace answered when asked to describe PseudoNymph's musical style. Eclectic song styling paired with skilled musicianship creates the foundation to one of Las Vegas’s most exciting new bands. Poor Boy Paul and Fino make up the Rhythmic backbone of PseudoNymph and when they bond together with the viciously raw guitar of Deacon Deadcenter the musical heart of this remarkable band is produced.

The fusion would be incomplete however without the devastating voice and personality of PseudoNymph’s lead singer Panacea Solace. Her synthesis of sex and punk erupt on stage in a beautifully violent fashion. Panacea performs, as a creature possessed, hypnotizing all that watch.

PseudoNymph’s musical style perfectly integrates a wide spectrum of influences. Compared to the musical uniqueness of The Pixies to the raw sound of X the music captivates. Individually the songs will enthrall the audience as the music metamorphoses from haunting melody to thrashing primal rage. Collectively the schizophrenic mix generates a musical experience you will not forget. PseudoNymph will be THE band to watch as they stake out their place in the flourishing Las Vegas music scene.


Panacea Solace (vocals) Deacon Deadcenter (Guitar) Fino (Bass) Poor Boy Paul (Drums)


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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