we're a 4 piece punk/hardcore band from burnt hill new york, and we've been around for about 3 years, we just have really started to play more shows lately locally due to getting a new, reliable guitarist, we have a shitty demo made and are planning on recording some new stuff soon, we like to pride ourselves on putting on a very energetic show (that's what we're good for). thanks for looking at this and keep it rock creeps. oh and sorry our webpage is not updated we're working on making a new more up to date page, you can also check out www.bhpunks.cjb.net for show info, or just to talk, and check out other local bands.


aaron big knife (racket), johnny roundedge(should play 4 strings but he plays on a friends bass that only has 3 strings), phil(6 strings), and jared convicted(screaming and insanity)


Burnt Hills, New York, USA


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anything fast loud and hardcore; river city rebels, f-minus, casualties, the virus, link 80, american nightmare the list goes on and on


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