We are Wholesale Murder & we play primordial, anxiety driven punk rock. Have you ever seen a stick of dynamite explode more than once? Our mission is not to let you know that "punk" is alive & well, but to make sure that it doesn't die of natural causes. We treat punk like a psycho love gone wrong, dragging it out before unsuspecting audiences & proclaiming with a gun to it's head that "if we can't have it, no one can"...then we'll squeeze the trigger…light the fuse…kick the chair from under & watch the body dangle. Only then will they realize that punk was real all along, but it'll be too late. It's already too late. Don't worry, Punk would've wanted it this way…

This is no longer entertainment, this is Wholesale Murder.

Anxiety Driven Promordial Punk


Skids, Billy, Jake and Phil


SGV, California, USA



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Sick shit.


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