Here is a personal look into the band, their background story, and other intricate details only known by ACE: from the voice of Cyrus Thomas Walker.

I, being a first time interviewer, had a difficult time starting the convo, but once it got rolling, the info just came pouring out. My nervous exterior was broken immediately with his calming and friendly personality.

We began the interview with our humble keyboardist Cyrus using a slightly more personal touch, over the phone. It was 4 in the afternoon in his home of Connecticut.

Amandabedhead: So this is the one month anniversary of your debut record release. Must feel real good huh?

CYRUS: Oh yes definitely, although that was mostly an online release. We still have the October release date to look forward to in stores. Right now we’re doing a big online push.

Amandabedhead: So in terms of the band, how long have you guys been together?

CYRUS: Well, we’ve been a band since January. The band A Coastline Ending has been together for four years but it wasn’t until we found ourselves a new singer that we were able to begin the ACE stuff in January. 

AB: How have you guys grown as a band?

C: We haven’t all known each other, but on the road and recording, we stay a little here and a little there, but we’ve become 5 of the closet friends.

AB: Tour stuff?

C: We have a small tour coming up, and in the winter time we’re planning a bigger tour.  Then in the summer of next year we’re looking forward to months on the road in the Midwest etc. We’re excited to see the west coast, we’re all mostly fresh out of high school, haven’t seen the country yet.

AB: How do you like being interviewed, how’s the whole process going for you?

C: Well, this by far has been the most intuitive interview I’ve done, mostly its by email, and just quick impersonal questions. But I enjoy answering the questions that people may be interested in knowing, like our background and stuff like that. 

AB: How is the “band life”?

C: It’s not sitting on a farm hard work, but it’s a lot on the road, and doing a lot of work towards getting the band to where you want it to be.  Glamor wise, it’s not quite like that.  We are just regular people who dress the same as everyone else.

C: The whole album was written in 2 or 3 months, so we’re really excited in how it came out, as amateur musicians coming out into the world with only 6 months as a band.  We’re just bringing everything to the table, and showing our progression. My personal favorite would have to be Acrobat and some others.  Brave the Tide is the direction that left a lot more options for the band and what they want to do.

AB: So you’re the keys in the band, I play the keyboard too. How long have you been going at it?

C: I am actually a bass player; it wasn’t until last year that I began the keyboard.  I spend a lot of time sequencing and learning the ropes.  Now I have this instrument where I feel as though I’m stepping out onto a football field. It’s unnerving. 

Our banter continued on for quite some time with this charming keyboardist that reflects every bit of the talented band: light-hearted and absolutely infatuated with what they do which is create beautiful music for the rest of us.  Witty stories and amazing gifts that each band member brings to the table is what’s going to keep ACE in the game and here to stay for a long time. 

Visit their myspace page for more info and a detailed look into their tour schedule around the US.

Interview date: Sep 21, 2011

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