Academy Fight Song was started in November 2005 with the initial intent of releasing a record for a good friend, Christopher Paul Richards, a process and album that we loved enough to continue. With the release of Purple Blaze on vinyl in 2007, we decided to unofficially focus on vinyl releases, having since released Kevin Devine’s Put Your Ghost To Rest 2xLP, White Rabbits’ Fort Nightly on 180 gram vinyl, both Brooklyn-based artists and good friends of Academy Fight Song. Also released was Soft’s “Gone Faded” CD in October 2007 with Silver Sleeve Records, another Brooklyn-based group. The label has also worked to release Four Year Strong’s “Rise Or Die Trying” LP, Kevin Devine’s “Another Bag Of Bones” 7” / digital single, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s self-titled LP.

With a strong catalog base to work from, Academy Fight Song plans on continuing the release of top-quality vinyl LPs and records that we truly believe in and enjoy.

Coming up in September is the vinyl release of Copeland’s 2003 debut “Beneath Medicine Tree” along with a handful of other releases slated for late 2009. Stay tuned!

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