Asian Man Records is a small, DIY record label run by Mike Park out of his parents' garage in Monte Sereno, California. Park started a record label and began releasing music in 1989 under the name Dill Records, but the Asian Man label wasn't officially established until May 1996. Park's departure from Skankin' Pickle in this same year has been at least partially attributed to his desire to concentrate on putting out records. The label has always been run by the small label, DIY philosophy, with only three other employees (one of which was his mother), two computers, a fax, a single phone line (without call waiting) and a coffee machine. Part of their goal is to recruit bands that promote peace and unity, while keeping record prices low to the consumer. The label has no plans on expansion.

The Korean letters in the logo are a phonetic representation of the label name, pronounced "ah shi ahn men."

The Queers, Blue Meanies, Mugwumps, The Riptides, Classics of Love, Chris Murray, Let's Go Bowling, The Apers, Coquettish, Spraynard, Sundowner, Matt Skiba, Noise By Numbers, The Methadones, Bomb The Music Industry, Smoking Popes, Ben Weasel, Kevin Seconds, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Dan Potthast, The Huxtables, Buck O Nine, Chotto Ghetto

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