blacksound is an independently established and run label and support team for aggressive music acts. established in 2008, blacksound partnered with local south bay maniacs, eken is dead, to release their debut album 'amendment'. thus far, the album has been well received critically and by the masses. to build a strong reputation and establish ourselves, we continue supporting eken is dead as they continue to play a relentless live schedule and tour the southwest. in addition, blacksound has several other projects in the works including a compilation disc of all the acts we have met this year. blacksound's first compilation release will encompass the punk, metal, alternative, hard rock, and most importantly, those hard to label genres somewhere in between. in addition to the bands we have already met and worked with, we are accepting submissions from all interested bands worldwide. please message us for details and requirements to get on board. although we are a small label and support team, blacksound is committed to building a network that will help reestablish the hard underground music scene as a force to be reckoned with. this pop culture society we live in has inundated the masses with too many manufactured idols and disposable acts for us to tolerate any longer. add us and check back for updates as we begin to build the blacksound empire. if you are an aggressive music act with the drive to put in the work, you may very well have found the crew that's going to help you attain that next level on your quest. we work with a really dynamic group of talented individuals that handle anything and everything your band needs. recording studio needs to band photography, video production, or merchandise, we know the people to get the job done right. (did we mention we know how to do it on a starving artist budget. too?) join the blacksound family and wave your blacksound flag loud and proud…bsr

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