To Whom it May Concern

I remember walking up to the grey shelving unit in the record store. I remember leafing through each individual album, methodically running my eyes over the cover art, the band name, the title of the album. I’d quickly turn it over and search for, that logo, the name of that record label that I could trust to introduce me to the new love of my life. A bands whose name I’d never heard, playing songs I didn’t recognize. I’d take that album up to the front counter and put down my hard earned dollars, knowing full-well I was going to get more than my moneys worth, based on the simple fact that the bands record label was one of integrity, consistency and truth. That my friends, is DICK RAWK RECORDS.

DICK RAWK prides itself on consistently delivering the best in punk rock. It’s for those that are fed up with the liars and the fakes that have invaded our subculture with their sub-genres. Ones who have put style in front of substance. Ones who care more about looking good in their jeans than writing good music. Ones who have stolen pieces of the underground and handed it over to the corporations, to be homogonized and served to the masses. Fortunately we have history teaching us that while trends come and go, punk rock my friends, is forever.

The truth, the passion, the label you can trust.




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