Functional Equivalent Recordings is an independent, artist-driven collective founded in 2005 to bring innovative and exceptional music to listeners without the impediments of the traditional corporate music industry.

Twenty-first century technologies are fueling a global renaissance of independent music creation and distribution. Essential tools for recording and distributing music, once available only through the major label structure, are now in the hands of artists. With the spread of digital technology, entirely new avenues have emerged for recorded music to reach its audience.

FER aims to realize the potential of this rich cultural and technological landscape, elevating standards of music production while narrowing the gap between music creator and listener. Functional Equivalent releases are made and sold by artists. This is the future of music.

A word about delivery methods:

Amid the rise of the digital download as a standard medium for new music, the audio CD is rapidly becoming a specialty format. Like the "obsolete" vinyl record, which has found unexpected longevity in a large (and growing) specialty market, the audio CD continues to appeal to an audience that prefers to receive music on a physical medium with superior audio quality and unique visual art.

These discriminating listeners are increasingly aware that, as with vinyl, not all CDs are made the same way. Most commercial audio CDs are manufactured at the lowest possible cost - sacrificing quality - and packaged in brittle plastic cases with minimal artwork, offering little advantage over a downloaded version of the same music.

In contrast, every Functional Equivalent CD is made without compromise to bring the artist's complete vision to life: Special audiophile manufacturing techniques ensure the most accurate replication of the original digital master, yielding a significant improvement in audio fidelity over typical cut-rate mass production. The disc is packaged in a deluxe fold-out case, with lyrics, photos and artwork designed personally by the recording artist, complementing the listening experience with visuals and text in the tradition of the great classic records.

Functional Equivalent Recordings is committed to providing first-rate releases in a choice of formats to suit the needs of the individual listener, and to supporting the emergence of new formats for higher resoution audio delivery.

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