Get Outta Town Records is a record label dedicated to hardcore & punk music in it's purest form. We aim to uphold and promote nothing more than sincere, true hardcore & punk music with a good message and a DIY work ethic. We are not concerned with scene drama or fads, but rather what hardcore can be in the long run, an influencial medium by which regular kids are able to have their voices heard. Hardcore is a genre where anyone should be able to speak what is on their mind, and we hope to keep it that way.

The label was started in November of 2005 by Charles Chaussinand and Phil Perrault with the release of Make or Break's full length, "Think About It". Charles was formerly involved with and co-founded Think Fast! Records and had played in Esteem and Flame Still Burns.

Our second release was a vinyl version of some Make or Break songs from "Think About It" as well as an unexpected Descendents cover we pulled off in the studio and a cover of Youth of Today's "Make a Change". After the release of On The Outside "Demo" 7" , Phil decided to concentrate full time on his TV production career working on shows like Hogan Knows Best.

The fourth release that I went on to complete was the "State of the Scene" compilation CD. This compilation was much more work than I had expected, but I am glad it is out. My goal was simply to put together a record that had all current hardcore bands, bands people could go out and still see touring or playing out. The record started as literally just lists of band names on a sheet of notebook paper that I thought would be cool for people to listen to if they maybe hadn't given them a listen yet, as well as staples from friend's bands like The First Step, Youth Attack, and others. I remember a time when I used to walk into record stores and buy a $5 comp that would allow me to learn about tons of new bands. This was how I had gotten into Sick of it All, Descendents and a ton of other bands. It seems like less and less of these types of releases have been coming out in the last few years, so I did my best to put one back on the market.

After a tour that Make or Break did with Expired Youth, I was lucky enough to get to put out a side project of the band, Haunted Life. This became the fifth release for the label. Unfortunatly, Haunted Life has since become somewhat an inactive band since this point and only played a few shows after the release.

Years From Now "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" CD came out next. This CD is 19 songs putting together remastered versions of their demo, EP, as well as new recordings and some covers. You've got to support the scene from where you live and these guys are certainly Florida's best.

Think Fast! Records was kind enough to offer me the chance to do my first LP with The Geeks "Every Time We Fall".

Soon after, I decided to release what would end up being my largest undertaking to date; the Kill Your Idols "Something Started Here" 7" box set. This collection includes 36 songs, all completely remastered, over a span of five 7"s, all on color. Every box comes with a sticker, poster and patch that I hand screened, a 1" button and a booklet talking about every recording session in the set and some additional notes about the band. Songs from rare comps, splits, and demos made their way onto this record. This is the most labor intensive release yet.

The Steal "s/t" are a blend of catchy punk hooks and melodic sing along parts. This is my favorite record to come out this year. The album was already released in the UK at the end of 2006, but this is the first US pressing for the band.

In Defence "Don't Know How To Breakdance" CD is a throw back to classic late 80s skate punk and early 90s style hardcore bands like Warzone and Judge.

Endgame "Distracted" CDEP is a mix of melodic hardcore and fast punk. Fans of Jawbreaker, Turning Point and Lifetime can certainly find themselves tapping their toes to these songs.

Get Outta Town Records will continue to try our best to get notice to bands we feel are deserving and perpetuate what we feel hardcore and punk should be. The support we're shown is appreciated beyond belief. Without your help, this label couldn't function, so thank you.


Offsides, Make or Break, Endgame

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