My name is dave horrorbiz I am a mid-twenty and under this topic „about" I try to conclude the most important facts about the label and I also try to answer the most asked questions. So, let´s go!

It all started back in 1996 when me and my bandmates were looking for a label to release our first record. After realizing that there´s nobody interested we didn´t give up and decide to found Horror Business Records (first just as word for the cd backside traycard) and release the first cd of our punk/hc band "krombacherkellerkinder" on our own. Unfortunately we split up in the beginning of 2004 but don´t forget without this band the label never would exist.

In this time I started to handle all this band things like booking shows or promote and distribute our records. Certainly for the most kids it would be boring to care of all this shit but for me it was fun and I took the chance to get in contact with so many people in the world, to check new records out or discover new bands everyday. I like it and so I decide to put out some bands together for a compilation, that was the real start of the label.

This sampler-cd was compiled with mostly punk and hardcore bands mainly from my region where I live, Lünen/ Dortmund Ruhrpott area. A lot of friends with their bands that I met over the years or we played with in the past. The kids liked it, so I know it was the right way. The first band releases from Weekly Carouse and Not Enough followed. Till now I released a bit more than 30 records from bands with different musicstyles. You can find harcore and punkrock in all forms from different countries like e.g. brasil, united states, denmark, germany.

By the way, the most of you may know it, but just to mention it here, the label name is inspired by the Misfits song „horror business", a cool song of one of my alltime faves. And what else could fit better as a label name?

Beside the label I´m a student in economics, I play guitar in Not Enough and I also organise one show a month in the local youth club JZ Yellowstone, Bergkamen - Oberaden. We bring you all styles of underground music and bands from all different countries. A nice location with nice people and fair entrance prices. Hope to see you there.

So, I hope you getting the picture now. If you have questions or other stuff to ask don´t hestitate!

Yours truly

Dave Horrorbiz (2003)

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