LET IT BURN RECORDS was kicked off in 2000 by two friends and band mates, Daniel and Chris. Their motivation was to release and promote cds in a scene they had grown up with and to support hard-working bands who have got something to say. With FEAR MY THOUGHTS top selling debut CD “23” in 2001 and its follow up “Vitriol” CD / LP in 2002, LET IT BURN RECORDS quickly stepped towards professionalism and a new serious and promising European independent label had made an appearance.

With the signing of new and established hardcore and metal acts such as FINAL PRAYER, BRIDGE TO SOLACE, UNDER SIEGE, TODAY WE RISE, DEATHSPIRIT, STORM & STRESS, THE CASSIDY SCENARIO, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, DARK DAY DUNGEON, AWOKEN or RED TAPE PARADE, LET IT BURN RECORDS established a roster of dedicated and constantly touring bands. But also licensing amazing releases by SAVING THROW, SCARS OF TOMORROW, PREMONITIONS OF WAR, BENÜMB and ARMA ANGELUS from US labels to the European market, caused LET IT BURN RECORDS to become known as one of the fasted growing and most promising new record labels. A close network of business partners in all working fields of the music business such as booking, design, press, media developement, etc. guarantees all bands in the LET IT BURN RECORDS roster a professional work environment that focuses on each band’s individual strengths and function.

In 2007 CEO Chris Zehetleitner founded a second branch under the LET IT BURN banner. With services spanning from music management over band consulting to promotion THE LET IT BURN AGENCY was born. As a matter of course all LET IT BURN RECORDS artists profit from the contacts and know-how rooted in the LET IT BURN AGENCY.

The same year Thomas “Feivel” Frick joined LET IT BURN RECORDS which resulted in an ever increasing output of releases and great signings.

In 2008 LET IT BURN RECORDS made a gutsy move by releasing their first non-physical sound carrier, a free download EP by Germany’s well known underground act THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT. Although this might have been an insight into the future of the music biz, LET IT BURN RECORDS won’t stop releasing CDs in the near future.

In times when “business-only” is more and more inheriting the hardcore scene and small indie labels try to play in the “big game”, LET IT BURN RECORDS is still regarding its team and bands as one big family in which friendship and trust create a “win-win” situation on both, the bands’ and the label’s side. On that condition the label grows and expands with every record released.

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