Throughout the last 10 years, Lifeforce Records has been a consistent and revolutionary face throughout the worldwide metal and hardcore scenes, bringing bands like Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Between the Buried and Me and Trivium to the forefront of independent music. Acting as an essential outlet for underground music, Lifeforce Records started their career in 1995, back when Lifeforce Records was run by its owner Ruediger Mahn. In the later year of 2000, Ruediger decided to give up the label and focus on other things in his life. At this point, Stefan Luedicke (long time friend and label mate) took over the label as part of the Impression Music family. The Impression Music name has long since been dropped to give more focus on promoting one unified idea and theme. Over the years, Lifeforce Records has become synonymous with all things heavy as well as defying genre expectations by providing the independent music scene with thought-provoking music and political / lifestyle themes not shared by the majority of world. Having their home offices based in Chemnitz, Germany, Lifeforce Records found themselves in a position to expand their distribution territories to the United States after already dominating the European Market in the later part of 2000. In January 2005, Lifeforce Records opened an American branch to help secure a stronger foothold for its American dealings.

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