Mental Records is an independent record label that utilizes both the age-old and emerging distribution techniques to create access to music-based media for the masses.

Mental Records is inspired by new developing media technologies to assist and advance the distribution and access of music-based media, while trying to preserve the integrity of “paying the artist” for their craft by battling unfortunate downloads and copying of music that have destroyed the intellectual value of music as a common commodity.

Mental Records is working to develop new techniques and styles to distribute and create market awareness for the artists who are associated with this label.

Mental Records is an artist development label, taking new talent to the Industry and preparing them with essential experience to advance and take their musical careers to the highest level possible.

Mental Records is a media-based label utilizing its own resources to develop compelling visual media to not only support and compliment the visual components that all music has built in, but to give their bands and face in today’s market.

A few essential media partners back mental Records; 60 Psycho Hum Studios, a state of the art recording studio, Land Mind Productions, a film and media design company built in a 40,000 sq. ft. production facility, and 1 off designs, an in-house photography company. The alliances with these groups gives Mental Records the immediate in-house resources to create full recording and media support for the artists on Mental Records.

Mental Records is inspired by the mind’s free ability to create MUSIC and MUSIC based media backed and supported by associated visual media

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