With many years in the music industry, label president Chris Hansen finally had the chance to do what he had wanted for so long - to help bring back the originality and uniqueness that has been missing in today's music scene for quite some time. No Sleep Records hopes to show the world that no matter what genre of music you listen to, there is still quality music out there. With no stop in sight - No Sleep Records is ready to do what is needed and release pieces of art from artists all over the globe that deserve to be heard. In 2007 No Sleep Records was picked up exclusively by RevDistribution and both parties are excited for the future together.

The Wonder Years, All Or Nothing, I Call Fives, The Sheds, Balance And Composure, Aficionado, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, La Dispute, TS & The Past Haunts, Former Thieves, Xerxes, Into It. Over It.

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