Oi! the Boat Records

PO Box 2653

West Lafayette, IN 47906


Please send us a cd (or vinyl 😊)) with your music, maybe a brief band bio, photos/logos if you have that sort of thing, your email address, myspace/facebook/website or whatever. We will listen… we may not respond, but we do listen! If we decide to play you on the radio show, we will let you know. If we are interested in working with you on a 7” or comp or what not, we’ll let you know!

Please, don’t email us your demos. Our email boxes fill up. If you think your band is worth hearing, go ahead and spend 10 minutes and a couple bucks and send it to us

in the mail!!!! While we may gloss over an email, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that chances are high that your cd will be in the car radio driving back from the post office!

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