PEE RECORDS is an independent punk label based in Adelaide [A-town] South Australia that was born from the long running punk zine PEE. PEE zine was first published in '96 and is still printed quarterly. PEE RECORDS currently has twentytwo bands signed to the label, 12 of which are active and over 100 titles in our d.i.y mail order catalog. We are Aussie distributors for punk labels COPPER LUNG RECORDS, DETONATE RECORDS, GOODWILL RECORDS and HURRY UP RECORDS.

We are proud to be independent, underground and even a little unfashionable. For us its all about the music and the people, not the ego and fashion.

Remain Opposed, Sixlip, Strength Approach, Lostboyfound, In The Face Of War, Provoke, Watch Your Step, Burning Fiction, Timehascome, Promises, Bad Day Down, Driven Fear, Safe Hands, Jet Market, One Vital Word, Declaration, Anchor

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