Red Scare Industries is a San Francisco punk rock imprint based out of Tobias Jeg's 2-bedroom apartment. His roommate isn't too thrilled about the boxes in the living room or the bands that stay over, but he's just gonna have to deal because things are going well and more bands are showing interest in working with Red Scare. The label was first conceived when good buddy Brendan Kelly was working on his project, The Falcon, and wanted an unknown label to release their debut EP. Thus it was hatched: Red Scare 101. Shortly after, Toby pleaded with Enemy You and begged to release their next record (Red Scare 102!), discovered Teenage Bottlerocket (yep, Red Scare 103), re-issued some classic records from the Lillingtons…next thing ya know we got a punk rock empire on our hands! Well sorta. Red Scare plans to keep working with quality bands that devote more time to writing great songs than they do working on their image. That seems to be a problem with today's punk scene, but we hope that quality bands will prevail in the end.

The Sidekicks, The Copyrights, The Falcon, The Reaganomics, The Brokedowns, The Menzingers, Vultures United, The Holy Mess, Elway, The Heat Tape, The Bombpops

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