From its inception, Serjical Strike Records cast aside the restrictions that most record labels place upon the types of artists that they sign onto their roster. In fact, the principal reason why Serjical Strike Records even came into existence was to introduce original and creative new music from all over the world that might not otherwise reach the shelves. We refuse to pigeon-hole ourselves into putting out a specific niche of music and by doing so, allow ourselves to discover unique and imaginative artists that create from the entire spectrum of musical creation.

Serjical Strike Records was founded in April of 2001 by lead singer of System of a Down, Serj Tankian. Since that time, the label has released albums from four very different artists in Bad Acid Trip, Serart, Kittens For Christian, Slow Motion Reign, and Buckethead & Friends, as well as releasing a live cd/dvd album from the Axis Of Justice Concert Series. Axis Of Justice is a non-profit organization that is headed by Tankian and Tom Morello from Audioslave. None of these releases sound anything like each other musically, but they all share the common thread of originality and distinction that makes them part of Serjical Strike Records.

Our partnerships for distribution and marketing our artists include Sony/BMG Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, Red Ink and Bayside Distribution that are all respected and established entities within the music industry. Each one of our releases has had its associated distributor hand picked by ourselves from aforementioned companies to ensure that the coinciding marketing plan and distribution channels allow for each artist and their prospective audience allow for the greatest chance of success.

With each release, the goal of our label is to create an oasis of diversity and uniqueness within the industry where fans of all music can find sanctuary and solace from the drab, carbon-copy musical plagues that sweep through commercial culture. With the ever-evolving consciousness of today's music fan, we hope to be an amoebic representation of the myriad of bands and musical styles that one person can enjoy.

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