Shield Recordings was founded in December 2004 when Gert-Jan de Leeuw (hence the lion) decided he wanted to release the new Heartfelt recordings. The idea to start a label was slumbering in his mind for a while already working on his magazine The Shield. When he heard Heartfelt was looking for a label he made his move! After Heartfelt's 'Plague of today', At A Glance, Stab Back (now Said and Done), Gascoigne, On Fire, Point At Others, High treason , The Real Danger, Milkman, Antillectual, The Hunger and Smash the Statues soon followed. On Fire, Said and Done, Antillectual and The Real Danger liked our way of work so much they decided they would continue the cooperation with Shield Recordings and have already released a second album on the label.

Right now we are working on the release of our first acoustic record by Antillectual which is going to be very special. And we are still enjoying the new 7” from The Real Danger which is a cool teaser for the upcoming second full length.. Besides that we are honored to have released our second record from a band outside of The Netherlands: Rentokill from Austria followed Atlas Losing Grip from Sweden being our second band from outside the Netherlands. We are very excited about how things are going at the moment and we hope we can do more and more cool stuff in the future.

Antillectual, The Real Danger

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