Somewhere between a vision and reality lies a hell of a lot of hard work, good and bad luck, a lifetime of sacrifice and probably not a lot of common sense. When I decided to start Suburban Noize Records it was simply trying to convert the lessons I learned in the music business, rock and roll high school, and the school of hard knocks, then apply them to releasing our Kottonmouth Kings records. Taking inspiration from rap and punk labels that lay the foundation and set a precedent for self empowerment, independence, and do it your self work ethics. Def Jam, Ruthless, Epitaph, Discord, Fat Wreck Chords, Rap A Lot, Psychopathic, and many others that came before.

It seemed like an impossible dream but we had too much passion and love to take a serious look at the odds… we rolled the dice. The funny thing is it is not as much about winning but surviving that

matters, perseverance, weathering the storms. Ten years later we are still alive, doors open, still trying to build this proud little label into an institution. See along with trying to start a label we were faced with the impossible task of creating an entire marketplace for ourselves. We were blazing our own trails in unchartered territory, and still are today. I guess that is why it feels like a tireless and endless journey.

The mainstream has shut it's doors to the noise we are making. No MTV and very little radio but more importantly we have been embraced by a legion of dedicated supporters around the world that appreciate the music we make and the spirit of personal freedom. This label truly belongs to you the people who make it possible for us to be in business; as it does to us.

Here at Suburban Noize Records we try to walk the walk with our artists almost to a fault. We have created a business model were our artists share fifty fifty with the label. We have a diverse roster of bands and artist with a wide array of unique styles. There have been times at Suburban Noize when the realities of running a business almost swallowed us but we kept our head above water.

We have a handful of dedicated employees and countless street team friends that help us spread the good word. When Kevin Zinger took over operations and merged Suburban Noize and SRH it was the turning point in our business. With world wide distribution now securely in place it feels like the real work is just beginning. We have our own studio, our own production team in place, and our goal at Suburban Noize is to keep releasing cutting edge underground music. Who knows what the future holds. We plan on taking it one show, one record at a time. Thanks for all your years of support and making it all possible.

Respect, Daddy X

Unwritten Law, X Pistols

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