Swamp Cabbage Records is more than a record label it is more like a community. We believe in cheap quality records. We are based out of Orlando, and have strong ties to Florida. We were officially born in July of 2009. We are always accepting demos. We love free stuff and we will always give feedback in a timely manner. If you want to know more or get involved please don’t hesitate to ask. Oh yeah and we are always looking to do trades with other labels.

The legend

The label is named after the Swamp Cabbage Man. He lives in the woods off of state road 50 between Bithlo and Cocoa. He stands over nine feet tall and he is half man half cabbage. Sightings have been occurring for over 100 years. He is all green, he can run up to 60 miles an hour and likes to chase cars. The movie the Swamp Thing was based off of him but the bigwigs in charge thought the name was stupid but the story was good. Well I think they are stupid.

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