Taang! Records is an American independent record label. They have been in existence since 1984; their first release being by Gang Green. They are known for trend setting and have a reputation for kickstarting certain genres of musical style. For example, following releases by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Buck O Nine, the term "Ska Core" was created. The term "Street Punk" was created after releases by The Business and the Anti Heros.

In 1996 the introduction to the domestic releases of 80's UK punk to the main chains caused a huge ressurgence in the movement dominating the punk scene in America. Taang! Records started by completely monopolized the Boston scene signing a large number of acts. Taang! initially existed as a singles only label until their 5th release which was Negative FX. Within 3 years Taang! had grown considerably, incorporating all forms of underground music from hardcore bands like Last Rights, Ganggreen and Negative FX to punk bands like Stranglehold & Last Stand. Taang records! went International with releases simultaneously in England, Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

By the 5th year of their existence they had achieved to expand outside of Boston to the signing of Australia bands such as the Hard ons screamfeeder. Taang! released several releases in Australia with JERRYS KIDS & MOVING TARGETS & THE LEMONHEADS this led to working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers & KEITH LEVENE TAANG#33 by 1989 the label had the 2 biggest college releases LEMONHEADS & BULLET LAVOLTA which were #1 & 2 on the charts at the same time , the label continued to release their roots style the whole time & never stopped releasing BOSTON bands SLAPSHOT SSD JERRYS KIDS DYS with one exception owner Curtis Casella signed his favorite American hardcore band POIOSN IDEA & also reformed his favorite BOSTON BAND JERRYS KIDS to record KILL KILL KILL. However bands like the Lemonheads, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, SWIRLIES & SPACEMEN 3 brought a different sound to the already established label giving it a more diverse sound than they already had, but after 10 years in BOSTON signing every band from Mission of Burma to SS Decontrol in 1992 Curtis (Label Owner) went to produce San Diego based band Battalion of Saints for an archival release not knowing the band leader was reforming the a band & being a bicoastal resident in L.A. Curtis was asked to do the music supervision for the opening month for a friend who was the owner of a new club called the Viper Room ex central where Curtis'frequented, he ended being the first DJ at the Viper & moved from LA To San Diego where at the same time was working with the BATTALION OF SAINTS reforming still operating the label in Boston after 2 years of commuting back & forth decide to settle in Calfornia & open an office in San diego & LA. with the introduction to the internet TAANG! stopped signing new bands for 5 years & did only archival releases several English acts such as COCKSPARRER, The ADICTS STIFF LITTLE FINGERS,SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS, The Business, EXPLOITED, LAST RESORT, REVERBERATION, 4 SKINS, MENACE & THE BOYS 15 release over 5 years which propeeled the label to a very large success in chain stores around the USA as well ass the first label to sign to digital.the label started to be more successful than ever when most labels were folding all this time in calfornia they still signed a Boston archival act - F.U.S one year PROLETARIAT the next year & older bands from who tried the stabb at other labels came back to TAANG! such as GANGGREEN SLAPSHOT & POISON IDEA . recently in 2007 the label has started to sign new bands most notably the Boston based EVERYBODY OUT!, featuring Rick Barton of the Dropkick Murphys & also Evacuate, led by Mike Virus of Cheap Sex and the Virus Fame who are from southern California which will release the debut CD in January 2009. also in 2009 UK based NEWTWON NEUROTICS will release a 2 CD set as well as early TAANG! recruits KILSLUG CD/DVD & the OYSTERS CD /DVD as well as GANGGREEN CD/DVD & DYS CD /DVD who will be reforming in 2009 , recently TAANG! has opened a store in San Diego when most stores have closed down. Their store is in a prime location right in the heart of downtown San diego, this is the 6th store.

Everybody Out!, Slapshot, Forced Reality

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