As a DIY label we will run it on a not for profit basis with the aim to produce something of high quality that we will enjoy and hopefully so will you. We are well aware that although a lot of DIY releases are made with very good intentions, they are not produced or distributed well enough. We get everything professionally mastered and ensure that the production is top notch. We also aim to have a minimum run of 1000 copies of each release (hopefully more in the long term) to really get this music out there.

We really believe that the best UK music is the underground stuff and not the bastardised crap that people hear on the radio and in the mainstream. This is music played by bands because they love what they do and believe in it. Most of the bands TNS work with play for very little money and often for free because music isn't about any financial gain for them and none of them are prepared to adhere to trends. This is what punk is all about for us, genuine, real music played by people who know the score and do what they do because it means something more to them than fashion, trends and than the crap we are told to like by mtv and in Kerrang.

We reckon it's about time we helped some of the bands we have come accross out! We genuinely believe our label is a great showcase of some of the talent that like minded people would like to hear and we aim to get it heard by the right people. hopefully you'll like some of the bands too.

Stand Out Riot, Harijan, Beat The Red Light, A WarAgainstSound, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man

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Halcyon Days 7"

Jul 7, 2009

Make Pigs Smoke

Aug 8, 2009

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