Started in '87 err… '98, in order to put out The Triple Bypass full length because no one else wanted to, everyone else probably made the right choice. From there we did the Triple Bypass 7" because no one else wanted to, they made a mistake there. We then hooked up with the Pettyfords from Hawaii who recorded their debut full length for us to rave reviews. Around the same time Chadd Derkins joined the team. Our vinyl fetish took center stage as we released 3 7"s, The Proteens/ Grand Prixx "Wicked Split", the Dirt Bike Annie/ Kung Fu Monkeys "Wedding Ep" (still one of my favorite 7"s of all time), the Ergs "3 Guys, 12 Eyes." The wheeling and dealing continued and we lined up The Teen Sensation Glasses full length and a four way international split cd called "The International Language of Love." Around this time Chadd Derkins decided that his fate laid elsewhere and we were sad to see him go. Next came the sophmore and certainly not sophmoric album by Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine. In a shock to the underground Texas darlings, Darlington decided to climb on board the Whoa Oh ship to do their new album "All the Wrong Moves." In the summer of 2004, we delievered a one-two knockout punch of the two best records to come along all year in the Ergs "Dorkrockcorkrod" and the Unlovables "Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak." Then came Kung Fu Monkeys 7" and a split CD from the Vents and The Teen Sensation Glasses! 2007 has seen The 20 Belows "Headaches and Moodswings," The Unlovables "Heartsickle," The Ergs "Books About Miles Davis," The Ergs Lemuria Split 7", Zatopeks "Damn Fool Music," Full of Fancy "Sweet Baby Jesus," mc chris "the New York University 8 track discography 10th anniversary edition," The Lost Locker Combo "Freshman Orientation," The Kung Fu Monkeys "Christmas For Breakfast," Tin Armor 7" and The Sidekicks "Sam".

The Unlovables, The 20Belows, The Ergs, Lost Locker Combo

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