Year of the Sun Records was founded in 2002 in an effort to redefine what independent music is and where it can go. This is about the dawn of a new age where fresh positive tendrils can sprout unchallenged from the confining shell of negativity. This effort is about change. This is about defiance. This is about forging together elements that others have defined as incompatible. In the current world of burning, ripping, downloading, swapping, complaining, and marketing it seems that somewhere along the way a lot of people forgot that listening was the most important aspect of all. This is about music and those who have been affected by it.

Focusing on the genres of punk, metal, and experimental, as well as becoming involved with other areas of artist development such as video production and soundtrack supervising, Year of the Sun has continued to grow in response to the needs of our artists and the demands of their fans. Year of the Sun was structured around the ideas of cooperation and hard work since we feel that these are the basic conditions needed to establish an artist friendly environment. Conditions needed to alleviate this cancer of mediocrity. Conditions needed to not only rearrange the formulas, but to break them down completely. Conditions needed so that new ideas and even greater goals can be allowed to breathe instead of being smothered to death.

Year of the Sun is, first and foremost, an idea and we’re here to make a difference not to just talk about one because we believe that real music lives on past the hype. That it can balance on that fine line between influence and invention. That it can ultimately last, so that many more people like us can be infused by its many messages and various forms.

Handheld, Deadwalk

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