I started the ZKR label in 1991 cuz' I wanted to put out a friend's 7" [SUGARHED]

I loved doing it so much, that I knew it was what I really wanted to do. Making it happen has been a lifelong challenge. It is ALMOST impossible to work, pay bills, live life, and put out records. It took me 15 years to release three 7" records and a full length cd. At one point, I actually was so far away from releasing records, that I forgot I even wanted to do that! Life had overwhelmed me.

Fast-forward to 2007….and the ZODIAC has woken up! ZKR is back and better than ever! With the addition of ZODIACKILLERRECORDS.COM we have come full speed-ahead into the 21st century. Right now we have over 70 releases available, with more coming everyday. Our crack staff consists of the ZODIAC, SEAN WOLFE, and TOMMY RAY HOSS. Together, WE GETS SHIT DONE! WE HAVE EXCELLENT DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION WITH TWO REPUTABLE DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. WE ALSO OFFER FULL RECORDING, MIXING AND MASTERING IN OUR WYOMING FACILITY. STUDIO RATE IS $55 PER HOUR.

ZODIAC KILLER RECORDS features select punk rock n' roll vinyl and CDs, including HARD-TO-FIND IMPORTS, from all around the globe. Only the best of the best will be available here on our site. CHECK OUT THE DISTRO LINK FOR A LIST OF MERCHANDISE.

We are not a corporation. We are a small army of crazy people. We do not have the same objectives as most record companies. We are here to have fun. We are here to bring you the latest, koolest, most bad-ass PUNK ROCK, ROCK N' ROLL, GARAGE PUNK, AND POWERPOP that is available in the world today. While killing police plays a vital role in the label's evolution, it is no longer our primary focus. You may ask "is Zodiac goin soft?" The answer is no. We are definitely now more focused on bringing you quality music.

This is all subject to change in the future, as I am a moody fucker.

Above all, ZKR is a friend to bands and customers alike. Bands receive honest, fair treatment, and customers always receive prompt service and free shwag! And if you run into me at a show, GOD HELP YOU. Making a profit is barely a priority here at all. We are in this "ALL FOR THE LOVE OF ROCK N ROLL." EVERYTHING AND NOTHING 2008

29th Street Disciples, The Loaded Nuns, Holley 750

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