Album Review
Karate High School
Label: Evo Recordings
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Jaime Brown
So what would happen if you took a bunch of new school punks and let them go nuts with a bunch of synthesizers? Well, karate high school had a pretty good idea, make a punk rock album that brings back those old school sounds from your Nintendo days. Arcade rock is exactly that, a rock album for those who dig that electronic video game sound. Having said, this is not an electronic music oriented CD, this is a rock album in the vein of bands like Hawthorne heights, the used, you know, the new emo/screamo crowd. What makes karate high school different those is their ability to use these new sounds and instruments to add something cool and new to a genre that, lets face it, is getting pretty stale.

A good example of this is seen on their song sweep the leg. It starts with this dude screaming "fear does not exist in this dojo", now if you know this quote like I did; you're an old fart like me. It's cool to get that little taste of classic pop culture in such a new way. Plus you got the sounds of a weird little kids piano underneath a heavy guitar riff, making the song sound even more schizophrenic...

I think that can be said for this band is that they are different. They take style of music that they love, and fuck with it to make something new.

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