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Label: RCA Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by STAFF
As with past Anti-Flag albums, "For Blood and Empire" mixes catchy song writing with political expose. All the political gaffes that have occurred in recent years concerning the war in Iraq is this album's underlying theme, and it shouts out a litany of government and media sins. AF sings for Iraqis who've died at the hands of the U.S. military with the blistering, opening track, "I'd Tell You But..." and you can just tell, "it's on" with this album. AF calls out the ridiculous amount of money the U.S. spent on weapons around the world with the tongue-in-cheek, dance along, "1 Trillion Dollars". A striking call to action is AF's challenge to its audience in, "The Project for a New American Government". The song exposes the effects of one Ahmed Chalabi's false claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Chalabi's claims sparked the media-fueled paranoia for the U.S. led invasion of Iraq. And not to dismiss corporate greed, "The WTO Kills Farmers" tells of one Korean farmer's desperate measure to expose how corporate giants like Monsanto Corp. are systematically driving out independent farmers.

Unlike old-school, politically charged bands such as Crass, Crucifix and Conflict, Anti-Flag backs their message with slick melodies and anthemic hooks. It's the perfect combination. However, you can almost forget all the atrocities they speak of by getting lost in the music. Sing along as much as you want, but be sure to read the album insert which includes details behind each song's atrocious inspiration and specific organizations worth supporting. Pick one or even two, and take action. Your life may depend on it.

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