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Trapdoor Fucking Exit
Label: No Idea Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
Be Not Content', Trapdoor Fucking Exit's latest album comprised of 11 tracks, is teeming with gloriously chaotic, intense, and, at times, dissonant post-hardcore all topped off by the urgent and disoriented vocals of Henke Andersson, whose voice undoubtedly hints at a young Henry Rollins.

The Swedish four-piece let loose and rock out on songs like the spirited opener "Everything Is Winding Down", "Intruder", and "False Pulse", whereas on other stellar compositions, such as "Here Are the Ghosts"; the six-minute, 30-second magnum opus "Gods' Forgotten Apologies" - no doubt THE strongest song on the record with its steadily changing dynamics and tones, as it is calm throughout the verses and quite tempestuous and moving at the choruses, only to end in a rather disjointed manner with Andersson's final incoherent yelps of "I'm Sorry" accompanied by sporadic sudden bursts of noise; and the penultimate track "Automathics" are all comparable to mini-epics, as they are powerful, emotive, complex, and full of surprises. Take, for instance, the opening melancholic acoustic guitars, somber vocals with lyrics like "Can't shovel dirt to cover up the past," and slower tempo of "Here Are the Ghosts" and the unexpected nearly-minute-long organ coda found on "Automathics". Another offering of note is the fairly tranquil yet highly affecting instrumental "Killing Time", which is truly quite beautiful. For an album with much variation and unforeseen twists and turns, definitely check out 'Be Not Content'.

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