Belgian Punks F.O.D. Unleash Ferocious Anthem “Living In A Mad Mad World” F.O.D.
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Belgian punk rock veterans F.O.D. unleash their ferocious new single “Living In A Mad Mad World,” setting the stage for their upcoming 6th album, “The Once A Virgin Club,” with relentless energy and incisive social commentary.

Belgium's punk rock stalwarts, F.O.D., are back with a blistering new single that captures the angst and urgency of our tumultuous times. Titled "Living In A Mad Mad World," the track serves as the lead single from their forthcoming 6th album, "The Once A Virgin Club," slated for release on April 5th via SBÄM Records/Double Helix Records. F.O.D.'s latest offering encapsulates the essence of their signature sound: fast, furious, and unapologetically critical of the chaotic world we inhabit. With influences drawn from punk legends like Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion, F.O.D. injects their music with irresistible harmonies and infectious melodies.

Since their debut EP/CD, "DANCE TO THIS!," in 2011, F.O.D. has been a driving force in the Belgian punk rock scene. Their infectious tunes and electrifying live performances have garnered them a dedicated following both at home and abroad. The band's discography boasts a string of successful releases, including the albums "ONTARIO," "TRICKS OF THE TRADE," and "HARVEST," each contributing to their growing prominence in the international punk rock circuit.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, F.O.D. persevered and released their highly anticipated fifth album, "SLEEPVILLE," in 2020, accompanied by a gripping narrative and an accompanying book. Now, with the impending release of "The Once A Virgin Club," F.O.D. is poised to reclaim their spot at the forefront of punk rock. Led by Hans Roofthooft's impassioned vocals and supported by Stijn De Waele, Pierre Janssens, and Lode De Feyter, the band promises a return to their roots with a collection of exhilarating punk rock anthems.

As they gear up for an extensive European tour in support of the new album, F.O.D. invites fans old and new to experience the raw energy and authenticity that define their music. With over a decade of relentless touring and a catalog of infectious tunes under their belt, F.O.D. stands as a testament to the enduring power of punk rock. As they continue to captivate audiences around the globe, their message remains clear: in a mad mad world, music will always be our salvation.

Catch F.O.D. on tour and join the Once A Virgin Club.

Fri March 15: Duffel @ Cinema Plaza with Melonball , THE DAY OFF , MARCH , ...

Sat April 6: Coesfeld @ Pampa Coesfeld

Sun April 7: Hannover @ Béi Chéz Heinz (with Melonball)

Mon April 8: Berlin @ cassiopeia Berlin (with Melonball)

Tue April 9: Prague @ Rock Café Prague (with Melonball)

Thu April 11: Graz @ Music-House

Fri April 12: Nova Gorica @ Mostovna

Sat April 13: Heilbronn @ EMMA 23

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