NJ’s Fair Panic Pay Homage To Shoegaze Gods Cocteau Twins With Their Version of “Heaven Or Las Vegas” Fair Panic
Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Montclair NJ’s Fair Panic release a new cover of “Heaven Or Las Vegas” as they capture perfectly Shoegaze forefathers Cocteau Twins

In the heart of Montclair, New Jersey, Fair Panic emerges as a beacon of sonic exploration, spearheaded by Tory Anne Daines and her bandmates. Forming the core of this eclectic rock supergroup is Tory Anne Daines known for contributing her multifaceted talents on violin, voice, and orchestration to countless recordings worldwide, Brynen Sosa of Mythology (Lead Guitar), Aaron Rodriguez of Twin Hook, Palace Hound, & Parsonage (Guitar), Patrick Heffernan of Parsonage (Bass), and Angel Lozada of Marlowe Grey & It Was Romance (Drums). Their journey began in 2015, following Daines' departure from Those Mockingbirds, driven by a vision to break free from musical confines.

Fair Panic's ethos thrives on unbridled artistic expression, transcending the constraints of genre as epitomized in their 2018 release, "Feels." Curated with contributions from Daines' studio cohorts, the album embodies a kaleidoscope of influences, a testament to their commitment to musical liberation. However, the onset of a global pandemic halted their momentum, relegating Fair Panic to a period of introspective hiatus.

Emerging from this creative slumber, Fair Panic sets its sights on a heavier horizon with a slew of forthcoming releases in 2024, coupled with ambitious touring plans. Amidst this resurgence, the band found inspiration in the ethereal allure of "Heaven or Las Vegas." Daines, reflecting on a post-pandemic visit to the titular city, unpacks the song's enigmatic charm, resonating with the dichotomy of escapism and introspection synonymous with the Vegas strip.

"Heaven or Las Vegas," a track immortalized by Cocteau Twins, serves as a transformative touchstone for Fair Panic, igniting a paradigm shift in their approach to songcraft. Daines, drawing parallels between Elizabeth Fraser's soaring vocals and her own, explores the delicate interplay between ethereal melodies and resounding instrumentation. This sonic revelation catalyzes an evolution within the band, steering them towards the lush landscapes of shoegaze and expansive sonic palettes.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Fair Panic's musical odyssey, "Heaven or Las Vegas" emerges as a pivotal chapter, guiding them towards newfound sonic frontiers. As they continue to unravel the mysteries of sound, one thing remains certain: Fair Panic's sonic journey is an immersive odyssey bound by the relentless pursuit of artistic transcendence.


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