Birmingham UK Band The Silver Lines Drop Scorching Garage Rock Single ‘Blow Dry’ Ahead of US Tour The Silver Lines
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

From England’s countryside comes electric garage rockers in hand knit sweaters playing real Rock N’ Roll, meet The Silver Lines

With humble roots in Birmingham, UK, The Silver Lines quickly rose from local favorites to well known in their neck of the woods with an infectious brand of rock n’ roll on par with everything from The Replacements to Cage The Elephant. With nods to Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, what is great is this is not just a one trick pony, the band sounds like students of classic garage rock too from MC5 to Iggy Pop. Their newest single “Blow Dry” has a punky drive to it that hits like The Hives writing songs for Scott Pilgrim’s band to play. The lo-fi aesthetic works perfectly with snotty brit punk vocals.

The band however cannot be contained within the UK as they are heading to the states on their 3rd trip over. They will be performing in New York’s New Colossus Festival before traveling across the country to headline Fox Pomona, Hotel Cafe, and The Paramount in Los Angeles. US audiences are sure to find something to love about these guys. The band chose their newest single because it’s become a crowd favorite of the bands live sets which if you explore Youtube you can see seem like the place to be. The band says of the lyrical content, “Metaphor-laced lyrics allude to our cultural habit of rapidly casting judgment and punishment upon others, and it’s accompanied by a rich and riotous score that further infuses the track with a punk edge.”

The band is certainly going to be able to make waves in the states if all of their music is as exciting as the first single. The track is built for a not easily entertained audience as the dynamics shift constantly to keep you on your toes. Unlike other bands who get repetitive sometimes as they build a groove, this I would venture to say is the opposite, cutting out all filler and just giving you the meat of the song in a three and half minute perfect indie rock package. 

Although their new single hasn't dropped yet we thought we'd share their previous single and some live stuff to get you all ready for The Silver Lines coming to the US!

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