Canterbury’s Spoilers Defy Lockdown Odds with Raw and Melodic EP Release Spoilers
Label: SBÄM Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Spoilers, the Canterbury-based punk rock powerhouse, triumphs over lockdown setbacks, delivering a long-awaited EP that fuses raw energy with melodic hooks, a testament to their enduring passion for punk.

In the heart of Canterbury, UK, a musical force has been brewing – a force that refuses to be confined by circumstance or containment. That force goes by the name of Spoilers, a high-energy punk rock band that has set the scene ablaze with their intoxicating fusion of rawness and melody. Their latest EP, a testament to resilience and creativity, is nothing short of a melodic punk lover's dream, as they continue to carve out their space in the ever-evolving landscape of punk.

The journey leading up to this EP has been one marked by determination and adaptability. Half of the tracks were penned before the pandemic's shadow descended, and the remaining half took shape in the midst of the lockdown itself. Spoilers' previous exploits, tirelessly promoting their album "Roundabouts" from 2018 through 2019, left them little room to compose. But plans were laid out, a new release for 2020 was on the horizon – until the unforeseen "event" we all know too well disrupted the course.

The band members, now physically distanced, united digitally. Instead of the usual collaborative studio sessions, they embarked on a journey of remote creation, writing, and sharing. The separation, though challenging, breathed new life into their songwriting process, infusing it with a sense of unexplored territory.

Reunion finally came, allowing the band to refine their creations for both stage and studio. Yet, as if taunting their every move, lockdowns persisted, disrupting their recording plans not once, not twice, but thrice. A saga of rearrangements, revisions, and reevaluations unfolded over the course of two years, ultimately culminating in the birth of these seasoned tracks.

The EP – to the band, a collection of familiar sounds; to the world, a cascade of freshness – is poised to ignite the same fervor that their previous releases kindled. And indeed, the anticipation is electric. The Spoilers' infectious energy, their trademark amalgam of influences ranging from Leatherface to Face to Face, is primed to captivate once more. Their journey from local sensations to global contenders is far from accidental; it's a result of their undeniable chemistry and unapologetic dedication.

This EP is more than just a collection of tracks; the band's enduring commitment to their craft, their resilience in the face of adversity, and their unyielding passion for punk rock's pulsating heart is what this release shows. Through lockdowns and upheavals, Spoilers have emerged triumphant, ready to reclaim the spotlight with a collection that brims with the rawness of the old school and the freshness of the now.

So brace yourselves, punk aficionados and music enthusiasts alike, for the wave of energy that's about to crash upon your senses. Spoilers have arrived, and their latest EP is an invitation to join them on a musical rollercoaster – a ride that's thrilling, unpredictable, and uniquely their own.

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