NJ Indie Band Those Looks Set to Drop Genre-Blending Single ‘Laundry and Taxes’ Amid Collaborative Artistic Journey Those Looks
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Indie pop band Those Looks will release their genre-blending single “Laundry and Taxes” on August 18th, a product of their collaboration with producer Brian McTear and the backdrop of a music-focused educational series, reflecting their artistic journey and unique sound.

In a world where indie pop is a kaleidoscope of diverse sounds and styles, Those Looks are taking center stage with their upcoming single release, "Laundry and Taxes." Set to hit the airwaves on August 18th, this track is poised to turn heads, courtesy of a collaboration that has "genre-defying hit" written all over it. Produced by none other than Brian McTear of Weathervane Music, the mastermind behind sonic triumphs with the likes of The War on Drugs and Sharon Van Etten, this is a pairing that promises pure magic.

Hailing from the musical hotspot of Lambertville, New Jersey, Those Looks have been steadily carving their niche in the indie scene. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Angel Olsen, Alvvays, and Julia Jacklin, they've crafted a unique sound that melds philosophical storytelling with infectious melodies. "Laundry and Taxes" is a testament to their creative prowess, capturing listeners with its reflective lyrics that delve into the intricate tapestry of our lives.

What makes this release even more exciting is the backstory of its creation. Recorded at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, the song was born as part of the Open Sessions, a groundbreaking web-based educational series. Spearheaded by Brian McTear and his partner, sound engineer Amy Morrissey, Open Sessions is a platform that doesn't just churn out music; it nurtures it. It's a backstage pass for music lovers, as artists craft their songs in real-time, exposing their creative journey and vulnerabilities to an intrigued audience.

McTear and Morrissey have been the guiding hands behind several breakthrough acts, helping them navigate the tricky waters of alternative music. From Waxahatchee to Big Thief, their track record reads like a who's who of the indie world's rising stars. Open Sessions is their way of paying it forward, an homage to the artists who dare to be different.

"Laundry and Taxes" is a tale of self-discovery, a reflection on our place in the currents of time and the changes they bring. With lyrics that delve into how we inherit the past and yet have the power to redefine it, it's a sonic journey that resonates deeply. The song's creation, however, wasn't without its hurdles. The band had a mere week to bring it to life, crafting a composition that would capture their essence. As fate would have it, electrical issues hit their rehearsal space, transforming this roadblock into a serendipitous opportunity to focus on vocal harmonies that would become a hallmark of the track.

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Sylvia Barrantes, encapsulates the experience: "Brian told us this would be our best recording to date, and he was right. It sounds amazing, and it was such a wonderful experience for us to work with them for an Open Session."

Mark your calendars for August 18th – a date that heralds the launch of "Laundry and Taxes." But that's not all; Those Looks are slated to grace various stages in the upcoming months. From a release party at Pino's (Highland Park, NJ) to performances alongside dream-pop sensation PYNKIE at ThePet Shop (Jersey City, NJ), and the captivating sounds of milk milk at Ironbound Brewery (Asbury, NJ), this indie outfit is setting stages ablaze.

So, get ready to embrace the magic of Those Looks. "Laundry and Taxes" is more than a song; it's an invitation to journey within and celebrate the power of music to reshape our narratives. Get ready to hit play on August 18th and let Those Looks whisk you away on a melodic adventure.

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