Carnage Asada Unleashes ‘Head On A Platter’ This August! Carnage Asada
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Los Angeles experimental punk band Carnage Asada is set to release their new album Head On A Platter on August 23, 2024, showcasing their evolution into a dynamic punk jazz orchestra.

Los Angeles experimental punk outfit Carnage Asada, a cornerstone of the city's storied punk scene, is set to release their new album, Head On A Platter, on August 23, 2024, via Historical Records. The band, featuring members with deep roots in influential acts like Legal Weapon, Saccharine Trust, Alice Bag Band, and the BellRays, is poised to make be a band you're going to need to know about. 

Carnage Asada's evolution is marked by a shift from straightforward punk to a more intricate, energetic punk jazz fusion. "Carnage Asada started as a solid, straightforward, intense punk outfit, but they have evolved into a complex, energetic punk jazz orchestra,” remarks Alice Bag, a prominent figure in the scene. This transformation is vividly captured in their 30 Year Retrospective, filmed live at Art Share in downtown Los Angeles earlier this year. The performance is a testament to the band's relentless creativity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of punk.

Cellist Dave Travis reflects on the band's journey and the joy of collaboration: “The reason I am still playing music is because I am still playing music with my friends.” The addition of trumpet and woodwinds to their lineup has enriched their sound, fulfilling Travis's vision of a punk orchestra. This expanded instrumentation has allowed Carnage Asada to explore new sonic landscapes, blending the raw energy of punk with the sophistication of jazz.

In support of their upcoming album, Carnage Asada has confirmed several live shows, including a highly anticipated record release party and a support slot for The Zeros. These performances promise to be electrifying, showcasing the band's dynamic new material alongside their classic hits.

Head On A Platter is set to be a defining release for Carnage Asada, encapsulating their journey and growth over the decades. Fans can expect an album that not only honors their punk roots but also ventures into bold, uncharted territories. With their storied past and innovative present, Carnage Asada continues to be a vital force in the Los Angeles music scene, pushing the envelope and redefining what punk can be.

Mark your calendars for August 23, 2024, and prepare to experience the groundbreaking sounds of Carnage Asada’s Head On A Platter.

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