Album Review
Forever Changed
Label: Floodgate Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx
It seems today many bands that I have caught a glimpse of in the past and really like have died like Give Up The Ghost, The Movielife, and it Forever Changed have put the lid on their firefly jar. Based out of Florida and making a splash along the way with they're catchy and malevolent semi-pop rock songs Forever Changed have made a name for themselves.

It seems that with this album once you die it is all right to put out the best album of your life and that is a shame. This is really the best work that Forever Changed have done by far and it is sad to see them go and not be able to try to top this. The album really is fascinating and intriguing because it has a lot of great riffs and is filled with great lyrics and vocals. It has had a lot of work put in to it; you can tell their hearts were into every beat of every song.

I really do feel that this album could use a bit more of a ruff-neck harder rock feel to it however, the vocals would match that very well and it is something Forever Changed have briefly sought out in any of their albums. But as a whole this album is very well done bringing each element together properly. Forever Changed will be missed.

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