Album Review
U.S. Bombs
Label: Hellcat Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by HeavenlyDevil

Punk Rock the Way It Oughta Be!

In a world of watered-down punk rock where the music is as bland as the stories they tell, the U.S. Bombs are a refreshing return to true punk style with the brains to match the brawn. The theme of their newest release, "Covert Action," is simply WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Peters growls at you like a caged tiger on the classic oi anthems of "Youth Goes" and "Art Kills" But he is no less convincing and powerful on the ska-flavoured "The Gow" or the Social Distortion-styled country-punk, "Croatia Breaks." Within one song, the band manages to change speed and direction, without disrupting the flow in delivery. The diverse mix of musical styles on "Covert Action" demonstrates both the creativity and gallantry of the Bombs, yet another rare attribute for punk lately.

America is minutes away from waging war on Iraq, and with "Covert Action," the U.S. Bombs have started a war of their own. Their war is one against the ignorant, the apathetic, and the upper class. "Covert Action" is by far the Bombs best album to date!

As printed in Varla Magazine, Issue 8

Copyright Heavenlydevil 2003

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