Album Review
Label: Fat Possum Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.

Come feel me tremble

Paul "Mr. Mats" Westerberg juke's it up honkey tonk style in this 14 song shin digger that leaves ya singing the blues, husking the corn and polishing off a 101 proof bottle of bourbon. Dark and edgy, "Dead Man Shake" establishes Paul as a true bayou babbler of wit and lore. Jumping it up '50s style with "MPLS", and jiving like The Rolling Stones on "Do Right in Your Eyes", Pauly boy proves he's schooled in his craft and ventures off further into traditional back woods boogie and blues with epic pieces like "Take Out Some Insurance". Inspirational indeed, traditional to the tee and yet underground enough to keep all you old school punkers happier than shit. This would of made the summer tolerable, but at least we have something to keep us sane in the fall. Pick this up and feel good for a change, you'll love yourself for doing it.

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